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We are a shop which specializes in the restoration of antique gas pumps. Projects welcome.

We are always buying gas pumps, signs, globes and parts. We will take one pump to several hundred.
Paying cash and moving them in a timely manner. Give us a call and we'll do it all!

*** Please Note ***

Beginning on Saturday, April 29th. through Saturday June 17th. 2017, the owner's of Severn Gas Pumps will be on a buying trip to the Western and Northwestern States. At that time, the staff will be in the shop and working, however, no one will be taking calls, answering questions or making sales. This time is being set aside so that we might locate new inventory and give the shop crew time to catch up on projects. Upon our return on June 17th, we will again be back into full swing and hopefully have some new/old things to offer.

We will check emails several times a week. If needed, we can be reached through the internet.

Talk to you then,

Restoring America's Past


We accept credit cards!
Severn Gas Pumps accepts all major credit cards including American Express!

Unfortunately ,we have found it necessary to charge a 3% fee for the use of any credit cards and bank cards.We gladly accept checks or money orders.

It is necessary that all offshore purhases be paid through Bank Wire Transfer.


New - Collectible Clocks in stock!

We ship UPS and Craters and Freighters worldwide.


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